Friday, January 25, 2013

The Gift of Encouragement

Both my boys are great nappers.  This is wonderful for me because I almost always have an hour or so to tinker around the house or rest.  When they don't nap, I take that as a personal attack on my time.  I feel that there is obviously someone with a vendetta against me that makes sure the UPS guy rings the door bell or the construction workers back up their vehicles (think BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP) at the exact moment my children fall asleep.  The other day, I didn't even have them to blame.

My oldest just didn't want to go to sleep.  When I went up to his room to remind him to lay down he said, "Mommy, I have too many things to think about.  I think I'll just play in my bed."  I couldn't argue with that.  I, too, sometimes feel as if I have too much on my mind to sleep.  As long as he stayed in his room, I was fine with playing quietly.  I told him I would be up in an hour to get him.

I had to finish a marketing piece for our church so I sat back down to write.  Within five minutes, I heard my youngest starting to mess around in his crib.  I powered through the content and prayed that my work was good even with the distractions.  When my youngest son's babble turned to, "MAMA MAMA MAMA COME!" I knew I had to just send what I had done so far and rely on the rest of my team to clean up any mistakes.  When I got to the top of stairs I let my oldest know that he could come out a bit early because his brother was also awake.  He ran out, grabbed my leg in a big hug and said, "Mommy, I am so proud of you that you came up to get us even before you were ready.  I really love you."

And with those words, I felt my frustration melt.  He understood that I needed quiet time.  He was sweet and encouraging and I felt very loved because of it.  Sometimes his little mind blows me away.  We all have gifts that can be used to help others and he most certainly has the gift of encouragement.  I hope that I am always as encouraging to him.

What nurturing gifts have your children shown you?  How do you let them love you when you need it?

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