Friday, January 18, 2013

Road Trip

Every time we take a trip I think, why did I think this would be a good idea? I'm currently listening to my little one scream his head off after a sleepless night. He is supposed to be napping but instead is protesting this strange environment with different sights and sounds. We spent four hours in the car yesterday and neither of them would sleep. We went to bed last night and our kids woke us up five times during the night. Why torture ourselves? Why do we do this?

Because, beyond all the madness, there are memories being made.  We have made the trip so that my sons can spend time with their grandparents. As tempting as it is to stay home and maintain the status quo, I know that isn't truly what matters.  They won't remember the sleepless nights but they will remember that Grandpa took the time to build a race car with them.

They will remember that Grandma took them somewhere that had cotton candy at 9:00 AM. My son said this morning, "I just can't believe that I have gotten everything I want since we got here."

Isn't that the way it's supposed to be with grandparents?

My husband's parents have only recently moved to Florida from New Jersey and we have made a pact to see them at least once a month. My hope is that the environment goes from strange to familiar and that their hearts and minds are full of memories from these weekend adventures. In the meantime, I will fill up on my mother-in-law's famous "gravy" or spaghetti sauce and take a nap with my boys in my arms.

How do you manage to make the best of trips with young children? What are your favorite memories of your grandparent's homes?

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