Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Playground Auntie

My little one and I went to the playground today and we met another baby named Lex that was only a week older than my son.  The woman with him, Emily, said she was his aunt and that she takes care of him three days a week for her sister.  Both of his parents work long hours and needed a hand with their son.  Although she volunteers and works two other places, she said she was happy to help them.  

After a brief introduction, she went off with her nephew on the swings.  I heard them giggling and going over the funniest animal sounds she could think of.  She was helping him with his words by gently explaining to him what each thing was and giving him a chance to practice saying them.  They hugged, laughed and just enjoyed each other the whole time at the park.

It was such a refreshing difference from what I often see when we go.  Many moms are sitting on the sidelines, checking their phones or just watching their kids play instead of interacting with them.  Here was an aunt who was giving up her only free time during the week and making wonderful memories with her nephew.  Above and beyond if you ask me.

Emily, you are doing wonderful things in the life of this child.  God Bless!

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