Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Homeschooling Me.

As I read all of the books that come from my son's homeschooling curriculum, I am struck with the idea of homeschooling myself.  Is there any reason our learning should stop after college?  And yet we often stop reaching out to learn more.  Learning, at some point, became a chore and a hurdle to overcome.  But this world is full of incredible things and my list of "things to learn" is growing by the day.

I realized I had been informally studying child development for the past few years as I have tried to learn more about my children.  I have perused magazines and scoured used book stores for time honored advice.  I have joined websites and forums and downloaded countless books on the subject.  I have, without realizing it, been studying something that was and is very interesting to me.

There is more to learn.  I would like to know more about the Bible and so I am joining a women's Bible study at church (a first for me). I'd like to learn how to sew clothes and alter clothes that I buy.  My aunt sent me a site called Craftsy that has online sewing classes that I can take whenever I have free time.  My library sent a list of 100 books that Shaped America and I have a goal to try and read many of them.

How in the world is all of that going to happen?  I can't really say.  I will just explore each thing whenever I have time.  If I don't seem to have any time, I will make the time.  My mind deserves the attention.  Besides, I will have a bit more to add to dinner conversation, don't you think?

What have you always wanted to learn about?  How can you take it upon yourself to jump in with both feet and explore something new?

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