Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you and yours!

We had a very low key New Year's celebration this year - Our first celebration with our boys. My incredible mom offered to take the boys all day (and night if we asked!) on New Years Eve so that we could have some time together. We took her up on the day offer but decided that we really wanted to ring the New Year in with them. We had a few logistical issues such as a one year old that won't stay up past 8:00. Ever. So we got creative.

My husband and I ran to the party store and got $11 worth of decorations. We grabbed some garland and poppers and a few noise makers. He decided to make them "cocktails" with some Sprite and grenadine. I thought about giving them pots and pans with spoons to bang for the New Year, just like we did when I was little. But we still had the problem of the ball drop happening hours after their bedtime. My husband grabbed his phone and said, "Got it. We'll stream the 2012 ball drop from YouTube and they will think it's real!" So we did.

I gave the boys the task of decorating and they went for it with determination. "I think this would look great, here," my oldest yelled above the party music. My little one just grabbed the garland and ran around the island laughing over and over again. I blew up some balloons and my oldest thought of a game to try and keep them all up in the air at the same time. My little one loved it when they would fall from the "ky" and bump him in the head. I found some glow sticks and we turned out all the lights and played tag. When we were all out of breath from running around, we headed outside to throw the poppers and they were delighted with the tiny spark. "THEY LIGHT UP," yelled my oldest! "HOT! HOT!" shouted my one year old. Then both of them would say, "More! We need more!" The only time the enthusiasm waned was when my oldest said, "Wait! Where's Granny? We can't have any more party without Granny!" What can I say? The kid is in love.

The ball drop came next and, as we shouted the countdown I thought, this is the best New Year's party ever. For $11 and a little ingenuity, we had so much fun. Their enthusiasm was genuine and their joy was contagious. I love how simple kids can be. We tend to make things so much more involved when it's truly about the people in the room and the memories you are making with them.

I hope that you created some wonderful memories as well. I wish you and your family incredible blessings as you embark on another year of life and another year of endless possibilities.

How do you create simple and fun traditions with your family? What is your favorite New Year's memory?

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