Sunday, January 13, 2013

Goodnight Brother

My little one's bedtime routine has been pushed back a bit later.  He is getting older and he's ready to stay up with his brother.  I used to put my youngest to bed then march downstairs to get my oldest going with his bedtime routine.  Now I would be able to merge them and only go through the process once.  Although this is easier for me, I was worried.  

Our first night I told my oldest we would be doing everything together.  Bath, teeth, jammies and books would be done with his brother but I would save a special tuck in time just for him. This kid really likes one on one time so I thought he would be miffed.  Instead he shouted, "Oh cool!  I get to play with him longer!"  And that's exactly what they did.

They played in the bath, laughed while they brushed their teeth and snuggled together while we read their favorite books.  My youngest even sat through a whole big boy book without squirming.  (We've come a long way since this post!)  When it was time to put my toddler in his crib, I laid him down, covered him up then heard the tell tale "thump thump thump" of my oldest's feet.  I tensed up expecting him to shout out something he needed but instead he tenderly put his hand through the crib slats and stroked his brother's head.  "Night night, brother.  Night night.  I love you," he said in a whisper.  He blew him a kiss and my youngest returned it.  They waved bye-bye to each other and we tip toed out the door.

There are moments as a parent that I am overcome with the love I feel for them.  This was one of them.  To see the love that they already have for each other at only ages 3 and 1 fills me up with hope, love and joy.  No matter what, they have each other.  I told my oldest as we left, "You're a wonderful brother.  Did you know that?"  "Yes, I do," he replied.  I hope he never forgets.

How do your children show tenderness and love to each other?

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