Friday, January 11, 2013

Everything Happens for a Reason

We were at the park today and ran into a woman that I have seen a few times at library events.  We were making conversation about the ages of our kids and she asked if my oldest was in school.  I always tense up when someone asks this question.  Although I am 100% confident about our decision to home school, other people seem to feel okay with telling me all the reasons I shouldn't.  "Oh...what about socialization?" they ask.  "How will they ever have friends?" someone will say with authentic concern.  I hate being put in a position where I feel the need to defend a choice that I feel is truly personal.  

I tentatively said to the mom, "Well, I am home schooling the boys.  My oldest is with his Granny today."  
"Really?!" she exclaimed.  "I have been really considering home schooling but my family thinks I'm nuts!"

I breathed a sigh of relief.  I knew exactly how she felt because I had an uphill battle with some members of my family as well.  It's always difficult to do something that is out of the norm.  I listened to her stories and shared a bit of my history with her then gave her my number.  I told her to call anytime with questions she might have.  It's always easier when you have support.

Today taught me that I shouldn't ever feel afraid to be open and honest about my choices as a parent.  There isn't any need to explain, defend or justify whatever my husband and I have decided is best for our children.  You never know who may be struggling and looking for someone who understands.

How do you handle it when someone is critical of your parenting choices?
Do you do anything out of the mainstream with your kids?  I'll start - My kids don't eat organic food.  GASP!!!  

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