Thursday, January 24, 2013

Celebrate the Seasons of Life

We have two birthdays coming up in our family. My son turns four the day before I turn 34 and plans are in full swing for a Thomas the Train birthday party. I, of course, would prefer a slightly different theme for my big day. Something that involves more wine and less commotion. But these plans have gotten me thinking about how the different phases of life can be exciting if we take them as they come. Let me explain.

I read something a few months ago that encouraged me to think about the seasons of life. The author shared how we tend to want everything all at once. Our expectations consistently disappoint because it's simply not possible. While it's great to think we could have a well kept house, kids, a promising and challenging career, an amazing marriage and, of course, a stunning garden with all of our own homegrown vegetables at the same time, the effort leaves us exhausted and feeling defeated. Is that disheartening? It's not meant to be. It's meant to help us prioritize.

I am currently in a season of my life that is enriched with family life. I spend the majority of my time nurturing and teaching my children. This means that my house is not always perfectly in order. It means that I have stacks of books that have only a few pages read. It means that I find great joy in falling asleep at 8:30 PM. And yet, I am blissfully happy.

I plan on having so many more wonderful seasons in my life. Someday I will restore an old home with my husband. Someday I will publish the stories of all of the Perchable People so that you can inspire thousands. Someday I will have a beautiful garden that I can spend hours tending. Someday I will have countless grandchildren to my house for hot dogs  and lollipops on the living room floor. Someday my husband and I will have the luxury of talking without interruption. But not now. It's not the time. Believe me, there are times when I want all of that NOW (minus the grandchildren of course) but I know that it will come. It is my job to appreciate now for all that it is.

What season of life are you currently in? What is beautiful and perfect about it? What do you look forward to experiencing as you grow older?

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