Monday, December 24, 2012

Wrapping Up Christmas

I am a firm believer in letting children help. I know that it's messier, it takes longer and it's never as good as I would have done it, but I also know they need to help in order to learn. If they don't, I (or their poor wives) will always be doing things for them. I tough out the messes and do my best to keep a positive attitude by repeating the mantra, "they are learning, they are learning, they are learning."

As we wrapped Christmas presents this year, I have watched my three year old go from clumsy to precise with the scissors and tape. I have also seen my 1 year old joyfully unravel miles of wrapping paper just to use the tube as a noise maker. Ribbon has been unfurled in paths for trains to follow and tape has been stuck to every surface of my home. The presents aren't pretty - They are wrinkled, jagged and lopsided. But we have had a great time. And, if I did my job, they have learned something. Here are a few pictures of our adventures in wrapping.

How do you keep your patience while you teach your children new skills? How do you let go of the need for it to be done "right"?

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