Sunday, December 16, 2012

To Catch a Parent

I have a mission that I would like to share with you.  Each time I go out, I try to catch someone being a good parent.  I do this because I don't think we hear it enough.  I think it is the most wonderful yet thankless job in the world and parents deserve to hear a "good job" every once in awhile.  When I see patience, love, playing or giggles, I let them know that it's so refreshing to see a loving parent and that they are doing an amazing job with their daughter/son.  

Yesterday I was practicing the songs for Sunday with our praise band and we had a few people watching our rehearsal.  Suddenly, I saw a dad pick up his two year old daughter and spin her around while singing the song.  It was spontaneous and unexpected.  She was throwing her head back with laughter and loving every minute of his undivided attention.  They each looked at each other with such joy and adoration that it was contagious.

I told him afterward that is was so wonderful to see a dad dancing with his daughter.  I assured him that she would remember.  I know I do.

Who can you catch being a great parent today?  How can you let them know?

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