Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Taking the Long Way Around

My boys and I go on a walk every morning with our puggle Burton.  We walk down to the stop sign then turn around and, although it's only a few blocks, it usually takes us at least 30 minutes.  There are flowers to smell and acorns to gather.  There are neighbors to visit and bugs to watch.  Each day, my oldest asks if we can stay out a bit longer.  I almost always say no because my youngest needs his morning nap but the other day, I decided to say yes.

My youngest has been giving up his morning nap (FREEDOM!!) and there wasn't any reason to turn back.  We headed onward like explorers in a new land.  We walked all the way down to a long wooden bridge that crosses over a wetland on the outskirts of our neighborhood and they took turns racing down the "ramps" and into the dirt.  At the end of the bridge, the sidewalk opens up to the neighborhood playground.  Everything was soaked with dew but we were still in our pajamas and decided to live it up.

They climbed the wet filthy steps, slid down the water logged slide and giggled more than I have heard them giggle in a long time.  When we had our fill of the playground, we headed out toward home on the sidewalk  rather than the bridge to see what else we could find.  Lo and behold there was a beach (or you could call it a parking lot filled with shells IF you were looking at it with a grown-up's eyes)!  They filled their shoes, cups and bike with shells and squealed with delight as they dumped them right back on the ground.  My youngest picked out some of his favorites and gave them to me to save.  Finally, after two hours of exploration, it was time to go home.

We arrived home and I went to grab some drinks for everyone.  This is how I found them:

Needless to say, there were some long naps taken that day.  I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to take life as it comes rather than rushing them from one thing to the next.  I get so much joy out of their sense of freedom and adventure.

What adventures will you let your children take you on today?

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