Friday, December 7, 2012

Stuck Like Glue

I love, love, love to listen to it, sing at the top of my lungs and dissect the lyrics until they seem so relatable that I tear up.  I don't exactly feel this same reaction listening to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse CD for the six millionth time. tiny indulgence today was to look forward to a song.

Sugarland is one of my favorite bands to sing.  Jennifer Nettles, the lead singer, can belt out a song with such heart that it is contagious.  My oldest loves the song, "Stuck Like Glue," so we sang it today like we were performing at Madison Square Garden.  We danced around the living room taking turns spinning, laughing and falling to the ground.  It was wonderful.

Who is your favorite singer or song?  What music could you listen to today that would help you to completely change your mood?


  1. Ryan has been jamming out to "Ho Hey" by the Lumineers for the past four months. She calls it "her song" and has made up a whole dance routine to it. She even has her own "ho hey" radio station on pandora. I happen to love it too which helps. :) Oh, and she also wanted me to mention "home" by philip phillips. She said it makes her "happy"

  2. Love this! Tell Ryan I downloaded Phillip Phillips after her recommendation and agree with her review. He's amazing! Thanks for sharing :)


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