Saturday, December 29, 2012

Special Time

I get very nostalgic about my youngest around Christmas time. We found out we were going to have him the week before Christmas in 2010 and announced our new arrival at a family Christmas party. I always call him my best Christmas present and I really and truly feel that way. We had a chance to sneak off, just the two of us, the other day and it turned into a wonderful memory.

I wanted to take him to the park but the clouds were closing in and it was a chilly day. We decided to go to our second favorite place - Target. He saw the big red balls that keep the cars away from the entrance and he shouted, "BALL! BALL!" He has seen his brother leaping off the balls but has never had the chance to give this fun game a try. Today was the day. I set him on top of the ball and he jumped into my arms and giggled over and over again. Eventually he looked at me and said, ,"Done. In." So that's what we did.

I didn't have an agenda so we just wandered the store talking about everything we saw. He waddled over to the card aisle and picked up one with a big mug of beer. He brought it over to a man buying his wife a birthday card and said, "BEER!!" Never mind that he ignored the cards with cars, ice cream and butterflies. This kid knows a good thing when he sees it.

Next, he picked out a big Christmas tree that could be decorated with stickers so we decided to head home with our craft. We were getting ready to go when I felt a tap on my shoulder. A woman said to me, "I used to talk to my babies like that and they turned out to be wonderful, kind and insightful people. It warms my heart to see you do the same for your son." I teared up a little and gave her a heartfelt thank you. She made an already wonderful morning even better. My prayer, always, is that my children feel the same.

How do you enjoy special time with one child at a time? How does this change the dynamic between the two of you?

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