Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas, Daddy!

I was shopping at Kohl's with my boys, my sister and her boys and my mom a few weeks ago in an effort to spend time with everyone.  Much of my shopping was done but always try to say yes to invitations from family.  I imagined strolling through the aisles, browsing at sparkly bags and jewelry and talking with my mom and sister while our boys rode in the cart.  In reality, it was like chasing four stealthy fast cats all over a store while trying to make sure nothing was broken.  Until they found the man gifts.

You know what I mean, right?  The man gifts only come out at Father's Day and Christmas.  They are all packaged alike and contain things like desk ping pong or a mini shaving kit.  Our little boys were drawn to them immediately and congregated around the display like it was full of dump trucks instead of banks that electronically count your change.  I thought, at first, that they just wanted to play with all the mini games.  Then I moved closer to listen in to their conversation.

My oldest said to his cousins, "I think my Daddy would LOVE this."  My nephew, grabbing the same item off the shelf said, "I think my Daddy would love this even MORE!"  They all ran to the cart and threw in the boxes.  I picked one up and saw that it was an emergency car kit.  I told my son it was a great choice and he said, "Yeah, I think so too.  Remember when Daddy's car battery ran out and he had to borrow jumper cables?"  This event happened four months ago.  I couldn't believe his thoughtfulness.

Fast forward to Christmas morning.  My oldest had opened a few gifts and was playing with his train (can you believe that's what he got from Santa?).  My husband said, "Hey buddy - this one is from you."  My oldest jumped up with a smile and rested his hand on my husband's leg as he opened it.  My husband saw what is was and told him how perfect this gift was.  My oldest was beaming and said, "I'm really glad you liked it Daddy," then wrapped him in a hug.

I did my best to have him make gifts to learn the giving spirit, but it turns out that the best gifts have to come from his own heart.  He was so proud to have picked out something for his daddy and you could see the love on his face as he shared the gift. This was my favorite moment of Christmas.

I hope yours was filled with memories to cherish.  What was your favorite moment of Christmas?

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