Monday, December 10, 2012

How to Save a Life

Our praise band sang the song How to Save a Life by The Fray on Sunday and it moved me to tears.  Not just because it's a beautiful song and they performed it well, but because I am watching my parents really and truly trying to save someone's life.  We all say we want to help change the world.  We all drop change in the Salvation Army kettle or sponsor a child overseas.  But not many of us get our hands dirty.  Other people will do that, right?  As long as we give them the money, they will take care of it.  But what if they don't?

The young man my parents are helping was on the brink of homelessness due to a myriad of circumstances.  He has an eight month old son and a seventeen year old girlfriend.  He is struggling to learn how to be a man, provide for his very young family and deal with all the issues that led him to this situation.  My dad has decided to mentor him and takes him everywhere he goes.  My mom is answering every question he has about parenting and being a good boyfriend.  They are giving him support while he gets his GED and they using their past entrepreneurial success to help him launch his burgeoning business.  They are giving up most of their free time and some of their sanity in the hopes that this young man will know that he matters to someone.  Their selflessness is teaching him that his life could have a positive impact on the world.

He has a long road and I don't doubt that it will be wrought with pitfalls along the way.  But we all plan to adopt him into our family as long as he needs a safe harbor and show him what family really means.

It has made me want to reach out to other kids that are homeless because of circumstances out of their control.  I don't know where to start - I just know my heart is telling me that it must be done.  If you know of agencies that I can contact or a direction I can take, please do share it with me.  In the meantime, say a prayer for him and all the kids out there without a home this Christmas. Your faith may be the only thing on their side.

How can you save a life this Christmas and beyond?  How will you get your hands dirty to make a difference?

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