Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Give Yourself a Break

I don't think there is a busier time for a woman than the Christmas season.  Our phones and planners and brains are full of to do lists like buying, making and wrapping gifts, decorating the house, creating memories for our families and, oh yeah, all the stuff we already do every day.  It always starts out fun in my mind as I plan to make stockings I saw in Better Homes and Gardens or carefully clip out seven new cookie recipes to try.  But as it gets closer to Christmas, those fun things start to feel like, "If I don't get this done my whole world will fall apart because THIS is what a good Christmas looks like!!"  This year, I am going to give myself a break.

I love doing all the Christmas activities so I am going to scale back on a few other things.  I might not post on Perchable every day.  If you don't get it in your inbox, know I am busy sewing a gift or baking those cookies.  I probably won't clean much and I might take a few more naps after some marathon shopping sessions.  I will give myself grace and enjoy every bit of Christmas until I am sick and tired of it.  This will be my tiny indulgence.

What responsibilities can you ease up on this Christmas season?  How can you still make sure there is time for YOU in all this madness?

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