Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Give them Wings to Fly

Water wings, that is. My youngest has started a new trend in our household. He hasn't found an outfit yet that doesn't work with his green froggy water wings. We open the door of the lanai and he walks straight to the basket with towels and water wings. He digs them out and marches purposely toward us saying, "On! On!" He has worn his wings on walks, to stores and while playing cars on the floor. He is very annoyed when they slip off and he insists that we blow them back up whenever they start to lose air.

I love this about him. I love this about children. They don't care about looking silly because they don't yet know that any of their ideas are silly. They don't know that water wings only should be worn while swimming. They don't know that pajamas should only be worn in the house or that their clothes probably shouldn't be worn backwards. They only know what we, as adults forget. They know that personal expression matters and that most ideas are worth trying.

While I will stop short of wearing my pajamas to Target, I think I will all take a page out of my little one's book. Will you do it with me? Let's start expressing ideas without worrying about being made fun of or looking silly. Let's wear whatever speaks to us and wear it with confidence.  Who knows, it may be liberating.  It may be the thing that teaches us that we, too, can fly.

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