Sunday, December 23, 2012

From Sickness to Resourcefulness

As I mentioned, my boys have been down and out for a week. This means that leaving the house hasn't been an option. My husband has been traveling and I just can't bring myself to leave them with a sitter when they don't feel well. That breaks an unspoken mom rule - Every kid needs their parents when they are sick. But, Christmas preparations must go on and so I had to get resourceful.

We decided to adopt a family for Christmas and buy a 14 year old boy and his 10 year old sister their Christmas presents. We had a wish list from Family Promise and I had planned on going to the mall to pick up some things for them. That was eliminated as an option so I decided to look online. I had to have everything at the church in two days so I was worried about my options. Then I remembered that my smart husband signed us up for Amazon Prime. That membership truly saved the day. The service offers free two day shipping on all items marked "Prime" and most of the items on their site are Prime Eligible. In 15 minutes, I had bought the kids most of the items on their wish list. They showed up on my doorstep with plenty of time to wrap and drop-off. I didn't have to get anybody in and out of car seats and coats. I didn't have to fight traffic or worry about snacks. Amazing. I said to my mom later that I didn't know how she lived as a mom without online shopping. She answered, "Well, there was a lot of therapy." Love her dry humor.

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

The last Christmas task remaining was our place cards and menu cards. We host a big Christmas dinner and I absolutely love making the table beautiful. I bring out our wedding china and silverware and decorate with homemade place cards. I had wanted to make ornaments for everyone that doubled as the place card but, being housebound  I couldn't pull it off. I searched Pinterest and found a really cool idea that used vintage Christmas postcards. I printed out the postcards on card stock and made little name labels with letter stickers on candy cane striped paper. Everything came out of my scrapbook box (this is great because I have yet to actual make a scrapbook). I used a little sprig of pine from our Christmas tree and, voila, I have a really cool place setting.

I love that I was able to satisfy the Christmas wishes of two children and create beauty in a resourceful way. I tend to automatically spend money instead of using things I already have around the house. I might just pretend to be housebound a bit more. Who knows, maybe it will save me more time and money than the Krazy Coupon Lady subscription.

How can you be resourceful this season and beyond? How can you simplify your preparations so that you can enjoy the process?

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