Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Pooh Story

My son has suddenly become enamored with Pooh.  No, this isn't a play on words about poop.  I really do mean Winnie the Pooh.  Sorry if you are disappointed.  Anyway, his grandpa bought him the Pooh Movie and he has watched a bit of it almost every day since.  We are dusting off our Pooh chapter book to read the original stories and he talks to Pooh as we read.  "Why would you do that, Pooh!?" he says in a fit of giggles.    My mom thought of the idea to work with him to write his own Pooh story so we set out yesterday to fill Pooh's life with adventure.

We decided a bike ride might be fun so my son started narrating.  "Pooh really wanted to ride on the bike so he jumped on the back to see if they could find some honey," he said.

"Maybe there's some honey in the bushes," my son continued.  "Oh no, it's really prickly in there!  HELP HELP MOMMY HELP!"  I rescued Pooh from this terrible fate and we moved on.

"Pooh decided it would be more fun to go flying," he said.  Then he proceeded to throw the poor bear into the trees over and over again.  "Silly old bear," he said mirroring Christopher Robin.  "You'll get hurt if you go that high."

He hugged Pooh and we headed back inside for a snack.  We printed out the pictures and we are busy coloring in the details.  I'll be sure to share the finished project when he is done.  

I just love listening to his imagination come to life.  Who knows, maybe my boy will be a writer or a fantastic storyteller.  I just want him to know I love his ideas and I always will.

How do your children bring their favorite characters to life?  How can you engage in their adventures?

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