Sunday, November 4, 2012



Sometimes I view my job as a mother through the eyes of an editor.  These sweet and beautiful children sometimes do and say things that make my toes curl.  For example, my youngest slapped me yesterday because I wouldn't let him continue munching on my pillar candles.  When that wasn't effective, he threw it as far as his chubby little arms could manage.

My oldest said to me yesterday as we walked up the stairs to bed, "You know, I really wish you had just stayed downstairs."  Nice.

In those moments, my first reaction is either hurt or frustration.  I think, "How could he do/say that to me?"  And then I feel sorry for myself.  "I work so hard to teach them how to be sweet and yet I am still dealing with this."  And then I see the truth.

They are us...unedited.  My husband would just love it if it was okay to throw things in a moment of injustice.  Who wouldn't?  I love being alone and think the exact words my son said every once in awhile, but I have learned not to say it if it would be hurtful.  As we have grown and matured, we have had to learn how to edit what we say and how we act.  It's my job to be their editor until they start putting it together on their own.  I identify what emotion they are feeling and do my best to validate it then offer an alternative that, in the end, will work a heck of a lot better than a slap in the face.

To their future wives, you are welcome.

How do you help your kids to "edit" what they do and say?

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