Monday, November 12, 2012

Unexpected Gifts

I have a weakness for my little boys in sweatpants.  Something about their cute little snugly selves just makes me want to give them anything their hearts desire.  We have had a cold snap in Florida and I am dusting off jackets and sweatpants that haven't seen the light of day in quite awhile.  We headed outside to run around and my little heart breaker gave me an unexpected gift.
He found a bush with some flowers on it and he started to pick one for me.  

He worked at it for a few minutes then giggled with proud satisfaction when he succeeded.

 He waddled over to give me the gift he had worked so hard to find...

And handed me this little tiny leaf.

It wasn't a flower, it wasn't even a petal from a flower.  It was a simple leaf given to me out of love.  As we enter the season of giving, it reminded me to always remember the person's intentions when I receive.  I will work harder to embrace the love behind the gift rather than the gift itself.  I will be thankful to have all of these people in my life that took time to pick something out for me.

How will you remind yourself to receive with grace this season?

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