Friday, November 2, 2012

The Wonder of Boys

My oldest has always been a thinker.  He loves to read, experiment and build things.  He comes up with whole scenarios in his head as he plays with his trains and trucks.  They have conversations, run into problems and he invents resolutions.  This works for me because I, too, am a thinker.  But my little thinker has had a burst of testosterone and he is ready to MOVE.

Suddenly the trucks have to go outside and race full speed down the sidewalk.  They can't just "win" the race, they have to CRASH into something.  It's even better if it flips over.  This elicits cheers and jumps in celebration.

He wants me to measure how far he jumps, how fast he runs, and how hard he can hit the baseball off the tee that has literally been gathering dust for two years.  And today, he figured out how to really ride his bike (without his brother pushing him).

It is amazing to watch this child that, to me, was a toddler a moment ago, work on becoming a competitive and busy little boy.  But I am also mystified.  I am such a girl.  I don't really get it.  I went to the library to get a book called, The Wonder of Boys and this excerpt was interesting to me.  In explaining the Biology of Boyhood Michael Gurian says, "He will assess his potential to dominate based on his understanding of his personality, talent and skill strengths.  He will seek rough-and-tumble play or, if he perceives himself as physically weak, another outlet for aggression."

It shows me that while he is "just being a boy," I still have a responsibility to channel this competitiveness and give him opportunities to win and lose.  He needs that validation and challenge as much as a little girl might want to talk about her feelings or relationships.

This must seem so obvious to those of you with older sons.  If you are in that camp, I would love to hear how you make this happen with kids that are a bit young for organized sports.  I'm going to keep reading and share any other insights I find with you as well.  In the meantime, I'm going to rely on the expertise of my husband.  He'll love the excuse to play even more.

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