Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Little Angel

I just read something about angels.  It said that almost all accounts (over the last 3,000 years!) say that angels come into our lives, perform some small act of love, then disappear into thin air.  I have been thinking about how I can be an angel to someone by performing random acts of kindness.  Whether it is something small like opening a door for a person that has their hands full or something big like buying a family their Christmas dinner, I would like to give back.  My youngest, though, is one step ahead of me.

We braved the mall the Saturday after Thanksgiving out of necessity.  We needed to return something and it was the last day to take it back.  My husband and oldest headed into the store to take care of it and my little one and I wandered around looking at all the sparkly Christmas decorations.  We ended up in a small area filled with chairs and benches for people to rest.  He toddled through until he saw a girl, probably around 15, sitting by herself.  She was one of those girls that I knew had a rough time at school.  She was disheveled, a little overweight and seemed uncomfortable in her own skin.  My youngest zeroed in on her, walked over smiling then touched her leg saying, "Hi!  Hi!  Hi!"  Her little face lit up as bright as the Christmas trees we had seen moments before and she gave him a warm hug.

My little one headed down the hall but I peaked back at her face and saw the change.  She had relaxed and a trace of the smile was still on her face.  I thought about how many times I look at girls like her and think, "oh man, she must have it rough," but I don't always take the time to say, "hi" and offer a smile.  I'd like to think his tiny act of kindness and love brought light to her day.  I'd like to think that the next time I see someone like her, I can do the same.

How can you be someone's angel today?

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