Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Missing Daddy

My husband has been out of town this week and I miss him terribly.  I find that when he travels, he becomes more perfect with every day that passes.  I forget that he burps loudly every ten minutes or so and that ESPN is inevitably blaring on one of our TVs.  All I remember are the things that he does for me.  He wakes up with the kids every day to give me some peace, he goes to the grocery store, takes out the trash and he is there to talk to me and listen when anything is on my mind.  He is my rock.  And I want him home.  Now.

My oldest son is now 3 ½ and very compassionate for such a little person.  We were talking about missing my husband and I said, “I miss hearing Daddy burp all over the house,” in hopes of getting a giggle.  When I asked what he missed most, he said, “I just miss Daddy.”  I gave him a hug then went back to feeding my youngest.  A few minutes later I heard a huge fake burp.  My oldest ran over to me and said, “There!  I burped so you don’t have to miss Daddy anymore!”

Sometimes I am amazed at a child’s ability to care for us as much as we care for them.  I am so grateful for this amazing little man.  

What characteristics surprise you the most about your children?

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