Monday, November 26, 2012

Kids are So Funny

All of our kids say hilarious things.  My husband bought a book for me to write them all down but so many happen in one day that I can't even keep up.  I ran into a sweet family while having breakfast and we started talking about funny things kids say.  They had some great stories to share.  Here's a sample to give you a giggle.

The family at the diner had a 2 1/2 year old that gives herself a new name every day.  Last week it was Cereal.  Today it happened to be Titty.  Just what you want your little girl to be named.

Their friend's son has a love for trucks only he can't pronounce TR.  You know where this is going.  He used F in place of TR and as they cruised down the highway with Grandpa in the back he yelled the F word over and over.

My son watches Chuggington, a train show on Disney Jr. every day.  He sings along with the song and instead of yelling, "BADGE QUEST!" He yells, "VAG CLASS!"  I'm giggling even as I type.

And lastly, my oldest had a friend over and she was chasing him around the house.  She pulled him down on the floor and her dad said, "Honey, you can't be rough with him like that."  My son went right over to her dad and said, "She can do anything she wants to my body."

Silly, silly kids.

What funny things do your kids say?  Comment below to give us a laugh!

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