Friday, November 30, 2012

Just Add Fun

I was getting dressed the other morning and heard a song from The Proclaimers that came out in 1999 called I Wanna Be (500 Miles).  I was a lot of fun in 1999.  I was twenty years old and ready to take on the world.  My sister and I would drive in her Volkswagen Beetle taking turns singing (read shouting) the song.  We would smoke cigarettes and drive fast with the windows down thinking we were the wildest things that ever lived.  As I reminisced, I felt a spark ignite.  It was time to have a little more fun.

I spend a lot of energy thinking about how to make sure my family is fed, educated, clothed and happy.  Now it was time to figure out how to devote an equal amount of time to fun.  I don't mean, "Yeah, isn't it fun to push the train around the track?" kind of fun.  I mean the belly laughing, free spirited, no holds barred fun. The fun that we all had before we worried so much about consequences.  Today, it happened.

My oldest wanted to dig in the dirt and this is about as much fun for me as going to the dentist.  I decided to shake it up a bit.  We have a gutter spout near his dirt pile and I thought we should add in a bit of water.  We watched the water drain through the dirt making a tiny river.  I showed him how the water cuts through the dirt and erodes it to make the river deeper and deeper.  Eventually that tiny river found the hole he had been digging and filled it up making a perfect, you guessed it, mud puddle.  The practical part of me was saying, "Oh no, the stains will be so hard to get out! His new shoes will be ruined!"  But the 20 year old girl in me said, "Go for it."

We jumped and played and laughed and got covered in mud head to toe.  We were filthy and yes, the laundry pile is a bit bigger.  But man was it fun.  

I have plans to continue the fun with a night out with my sister next week.  This time, it will be in an SUV with car seats and we won't be smoking cigarettes but you can bet that we will be screaming some great songs from the 90's with the windows down.  Some things never change.

How can you bring a bit more fun into your life?

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