Saturday, November 17, 2012

Differences of Opinion

My beautiful aunt is in town and we spent yesterday playing at a kid's gym with the boys then having some pizza at a restaurant around the corner.  It turned into a family affair with my mom, my sister and her oldest in tow.  We sat down to eat at the restaurant and my oldest was shouting every word he said.  "GRANNY!!  DO THEY HAVE CHOCOLATE MILK?  I AM SOOO THIRSTY," etc.

I said to him a few times, "Honey use your inside voice please."

To show me he was listening he would whisper, "Okay Mommy," then shout, "CAN I SPRINKLE CHEESE ON MY HEAD?" And other important things like that.

I was getting frustrated because I was worried that he was bothering other people that were trying to eat when my sister said, "Give it a rest.  He's not being that loud."

Don't you love it when other family members share their insights on your parenting?  I gave her a stare then went on with lunch thinking that maybe I had been a tad oversensitive.

A few minutes later our older boys climbed under the table to have a "tent picnic" with the pizza slices they had slathered ketchup on (don't ask).  I thought they were so cute sitting there but my sister apparently didn't.  "Guys, get back on the booth, please.  It's disgusting down there," she said.

My mom mentioned to her to be careful or she would turn her son into a germophobe.  This time, it was my sister's turn to give a death stare.

I started laughing at all of us and said how funny it is that we all have these differences of opinion every time we get together.  At one point or another, someone is overreacting, underreacting or giving their child a complex and we don't have any problem pointing it out to one another.  They started laughing too and it launched a conversation about how balanced our boys will be with all the different family members around them.  They will have the benefit of many different view points that spring from the same basic set of values.  Let's just hope we don't kill each other before that happens.

How do handle it when your family members insert their opinions on your parenting?

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