Sunday, November 11, 2012

Clothes Make the Woman

Clothes make the woman.  I believe that wholeheartedly.  Even without a big budget, you can go a long way toward looking great by wearing basics with great vintage jewelry from Goodwill or a pair of bright skinny jeans from the clearance rack at Target.  This is not a lecture - I am talking to myself.  For a long time I stopped buying for myself.  I spent my money on gifts for people and clothes for the kids.  I lost weight but kept the same jeans and walked around looking like my butt had disappeared.  

About a year ago my sister reminded me to invest in myself.  She took me on a shopping spree as a gift and I was reminded of the amazing feeling of confidence beauty can give you.  Since then, I have ear marked half of my spending money (my husband and I get an "allowance" each week) toward myself.  And I've started wearing these wonderful finds.  Even if they end up with applesauce and paint on them.  Even if I have to buy stock in stain removers.   Even if I don't even leave the house.  This is my tiny indulgence.

I feel better when I look good.  I don't feel as rundown and tired when I put on a chunky bracelet and cute sandals with my tank top and jeans.  I feel better looking great for my husband when he gets home.  I love taking that extra three minutes in the morning putting together my outfit and walking with my head held high all day.

I don't judge you girls in yoga pants - I have my share of those days too.  But every once in awhile, get dressed for no reason other than to take care of yourself.  Make it your tiny indulgence.

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