Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Changing the Clocks and My Perspective

I am convinced that Daylight Savings was created only to torture parents of young children.  You are forced to keep tired children up late just so that you don't have to face 5 AM the next day.  This never seems to work because your children are so programmed to wake up at the same time every day.  You fight through the tiredness for a few days knowing that soon, things will get back to normal.  This fall wasn't much different for us, but my oldest son helped me to change my perspective.

My husband usually does the morning shift with the boys so I can have some time to read, pray and get dressed for the day.  This is the time that keeps me sane.  Without that time to clean the cobwebs out of my head, I find myself feeling irritable and impatient.  I was saying to my husband that I won't mind Daylight savings so much because it will give me a bit more time to myself when his face suddenly lit up.  "I will be out of town," he said with glee.  Then he quickly tried to look like he felt sorry for me.  Nice try.

Sunday came and he left for an early flight.  He kissed me goodbye around 4:30 AM - Just in time to hear my sweet toddler wake up and get ready to start his day.  This child sleeps until 7:30 AM every day like clock work but I guess he wanted a goodbye kiss from his daddy, too.  I started the coffee pot and tried to pretend like I was happy about watching the sunrise.

I braved my way through getting everybody ready for church, prying my oldest away from the doughnuts after church, then putting two tearful and exhausted boys to bed.  I decided to watch a little TV but found myself asleep before the first commercial.  I woke up feeling a bit less sorry for myself and we played until bedtime.

I put my youngest to bed and then found my oldest zipping up a pair of footie pajamas that my mom had given him.  I haven't seen him in jammies like that since he was 18 months old and my heart melted a little bit at this skinny, tall, sweet boy wearing striped dinosaur pajamas.  He stood up proudly and said, "Don't I look cute in my jammies?  We should go down and show Michael and John how cute I am in my jammies."

Who are Michael and John, you ask?  The most wonderful neighbors you could ask for.  Almost every night, my oldest heads over there after dinner to give them hugs and get a cookie.  They treat him like their own grandchild and he adores them.

We headed outside with the baby monitor on my hip and he stopped and said, "Holy cow!!  Look at all those stars!"  He laid down flat on his back to stargaze and I laid down right next to him.  I realized that he is always asleep when the stars come out.  He hasn't seen the stars for a year and, because of Daylight Savings, we got to see them that night.  As I tried to find the Big Dipper, I found myself letting go of the victim mentality and embracing the joy of that moment.

We got our cookie from Michael and John then headed back to our house for another few minutes of stargazing.  We munched on Oreos and talked about everything that was on our minds.  And I said a silent prayer of thanksgiving for this child who brightens my world with his light.

How do you make the best out of Daylight Savings time?  Are there any other fun things you have discovered?

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