Sunday, November 25, 2012

All the Toys

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the gift possibilities at Christmas.  I am a decisive person who loves to give gifts and so each and every catalog holds something that I know my kids would love.  But this year I cannot indulge.  After an exceptionally excessive Christmas last year, we decided to limit them to three gifts each.  We have told them that Jesus received three gifts from the wise men and they will receive three gifts as well.  As fun as it is to talk about Santa, we are really trying to  help them remember what Christmas is really about.

This three gift plan sounded fantastic until the sparkling advertisements obstructed my view.  I keep justifying more gifts by thinking that this one is so educational or innovative or fun.  I, like most parents, want to spoil them rotten on Christmas.  But my son reminded me today of how unnecessary it really is.

My oldest was telling me that he missed his friend Ryan and wanted to go to her house.  He said,  "I would really like to pet her puppy and play outside with her.  But...why doesn't she have all the toys?"

I needed some clarification so I asked, "Can you explain what you mean by all the toys?"

He replied quickly, "Well, I have all the toys there are so why doesn't she have all the toys there are?"

In his mind, he already has everything.  And he's right.  He has loving parents and extended family, a warm and inviting home and "all the toys there are."  The next batch of catalogs is going straight in the trash.  Thank you, my sweet boy, for reminding me that we already have more than we need.

How do you stop yourself from an excessive Christmas?

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