Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Bottle of Wine

I had a rough day yesterday although I didn't have a good reason for it.  I just felt emotional, sensitive and a little off kilter.  My husband called around three and to check-in and I realized that he was exactly what I needed.  I told him to pick up a bottle of wine on his way home so that we could just hang out together and talk.

He gave me a huge hug when I got home and we went about making dinner, playing and giving the boys their bath.  When the kids were in bed, we poured a few glasses of wine and just started talking.  Hours passed by before I realized what was happening.  I told him everything that was on my heart and he really listened and gave me some great advice.  He can see straight to the heart of the matter and I needed that clarity.  By the time the last of the wine was poured, the bottle and my heart were both much lighter.

So many times I try and tough it out when I feel off but it never really works.  I forget what a great source of strength my husband can be.  I am restored today because he took to the time to listen and I took the time to admit that I needed him.  Marriage, when it's good, is so so good.

How do you let your husband know that you need him?  How is he there for you in a different way than your friends may be?

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