Friday, October 12, 2012

Why I Say "Yes" to Their Crazy Ideas

I had the most wonderful morning watching my little boys play together.  I have always tried to say "yes" when they come up with crazy ideas because it  seems to make our lives richer and more interesting.  This morning was no exception.  We always take our dog on a walk in the morning then we head in for breakfast and a nap for my youngest.  Today, my oldest asked if we could have a picnic in the garage.

They are building a house across the street and he can't stand the thought of missing a moment of the excitement.  We have a great view of their progress from our garage.  After a year of building in our neighborhood, he has learned the name of every digger, truck and tool in the trade.  He has also befriended many of the workers and if I am outside without him they are very disappointed.  Anyway...We had our little picnic using the dump truck as a bowl.  

And then my oldest discovered his bike.  He pulled it out and asked his brother if he wanted to go on a bike ride.  He jumped on and my toddler grabbed onto the back and this is what happened...


They walked/rode four blocks laughing and talking to each other the whole time.  As I watched them, I felt like the luckiest woman in the world.  The joy that I feel while raising my sons is truly unparalleled with any other joy I've experienced in my life.  They teach me to let go, be silly, laugh out loud and run with abandon.  They remind me that life is supposed to be fun and full of adventure and that you can fall but you will always dust off your knees and stand back up.  I love being their mom.

What fun things have your kids thought to do in the spur of the moment?  What happens when you say "yes" to their ideas?

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