Saturday, October 6, 2012

What Makes your Armpits Tingle?

When was that last time you did something that scared you?  I ask my kids to do things that scare them all the time.  My youngest is learning to walk.  He cries anytime I try to walk with him while holding one hand instead of two but I keep trying.  My oldest is learning to swim.  He was so terrified at first that he shivered and clutched on to me for half of his first lesson.  Now, a few short months later, he's an amazing swimmer.  Why do I do this?  Because I know that the fear, although legitimate, is short lived.  I know that once they push past it, they will learn something about themselves.  They will learn that they can do it

This is all so easy to say when it applies to someone else.  As I've mentioned, I sing with our praise band at church.  I've been at this for a few months now and I am in my comfort zone.  I sing melody and another girl does all the harmonies.  I like it like this.  It's easy for me.  Last week, she couldn't come and it was on me to figure out the harmony.  I got scared.  Let me just paint a picture for you...

The guys in this band are amazing musicians.  They are all self taught and they learn music after listening to it once on YouTube.  After they play it once the "normal" way, they completely rewrite it in a matter of minutes to make it their own.  They don't really expect harmonies to be tough.  So when they played the song we were supposed to learn, my armpits started to tingle (am I the only one that gets that feeling?) and I couldn't even listen to the song.  All I could think of was, oh no, oh God, uh oh, how am I going to do this, etc.  And yet, when it was time to sing, the harmony came out of my mouth without even trying.

I can't begin to explain the feeling that came over me.  I was so proud, relieved and surprised all at once.  It's been a long time since I pushed myself and felt that feeling.  The one that says, "I can do it."  So the next time you are pushing your kids to overcome their fear and do something great, remember to say it to yourself too.  You can do it.

What was the last thing you did that scared you?

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