Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tiny Indulgences.

I read an idea recently that seemed so perfect to share with you.  It said that everyone should have something small to look forward to every three hours.  Small things, like walking away from your computer and getting some fresh air for a minute, can make your day much more fulfilling.   I immediately thought - This is doable.  So I'm going to try it and share my tiny indulgences with you as I go.

Today, I found an art book that was given to me years ago on my bookshelf.  I had learned about the artist by going to a beautiful gallery in Akron, Ohio called Don Drumm Art Gallery.  Don Drumm's breathtaking pewter pieces are showcased alongside hundreds of other artists and it was always an oasis for me.  One day I found some prints from a guy named Brian Andreas that had tiny little stories and these wild, colorful drawings of people.  These Storypeople, as he calls them, have a way of capturing the realness of people and all that we go through in deceivingly simple ways.  I found this one today in my book.  I hope it warms your heart as it did mine.
Here's the link to follow Storypeople on Facebook

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