Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Fighter

Sibling relationships can be wrought with competition but my sister and I have always admired each other for being "better" at certain things. I have always admired her for her drive.   She can focus on one thing and put every bit of herself toward meeting her goal.  I have seen her turn a company that was sinking fast into a profitable and fun place to work.  I have seen her take a house and turn it into a home after one weekend of whirlwind decorating and shopping.  She is intense and dedicated.  And those skills are exactly what are making her my next Perchable Person.

She has run a software company for the past few years and she is an extraordinary leader.  She finally has the the company at a place where it is stable and even thriving.  It is exactly where she has been waiting for it to be.  And then her four year old son got sick.

He's been sick, really, for a long time.  He has asthma and a low immune system.  He is very susceptible to illness and seems to catch every cold that is in the air.  My sister and her husband have taken him to countless specialists and they have been dedicated to his regimin of medications.  Still, he is sick.  He has been in the hospital three times in the last six months and each time they think they have it figured out, they are wrong.

His last trip to the hospital happend when my sister and her husband were on a trip to Mexico.  It's every parents fear - that their child will need them when they are away.  My brother-in-law found an early morning flight and they had him in their arms less than 12 hours after the phone call.  The puliminologist (lung specialist) asked if they had considered pulling him out of preschool to give his immune system a chance to rebuild.  She and her husband had a lot to discuss.

Only they didn't.  She knew right away what she would do.  "I'm his mom," she said. "He needs me and work will have to wait."  Her drive is now pointed in a new direction - toward a healthy life for her son.  She has put her career on pause for the next 10 months to find some answers.  She is changing her family's diet in hopes of easing his symptoms and bettering his health.  She is finding ways to keep him connected with the kids he loves at school.  She might even take an art class with him.

Isn't that what it means to be Perchable?  To drop everything when your child is in need and use your skills to help them overcome?  I know that this year will mean more to my nephew than his year at preschool.  He will remember that this was the year his mom fought for him.  If my prayers are answered, it will also be the year that she wins.

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