Saturday, October 13, 2012

Special Day

My mom had called and asked if she could take my youngest for the morning to spend some special time with him.  I didn't mind a bit, especially because it meant that I could spend some one on one time with my big guy.  But here's the catch - If my oldest sees Granny, he doesn't want to leave her.  Ever.  So I had to come up with a plan.

I set it up the night before by telling him that Granny was coming tomorrow to spend some special time with the baby.  I told him she would be leaving right away but we would definitely do something special together.  This morning I said the same thing and asked him what he wanted to do today.  He said, "I just wanna hang out and play trains."  This is no surprise because that's all he wants to do every minute of every day, however, I needed to get him out of the house so that my mom could stay there with my youngest.  

When she got there, he was crazily showing her EVERYTHING.  "Granny!!!!  Look!!!  I'm hanging up my own shirts!!!! Granny!!!  Granny!!!  Look at my train!!!" You get the picture.  I reminded him of our special time and his energy suddenly deflated like an old balloon.  He said, "But I told you I just wanted to stay home."  Uh oh.

I said, "What if I told you we are going to the Lionel Train store today?"

He jumped up and said, "I would say that I was probably just making a funny joke when I said I wanted to stay home."

Can't make this stuff up.

He dressed himself quickly (notice the backwards shirt in the pictures) and we headed out for a day together.  We had a glorious time dreaming of the trains he will have someday and asking every question under the sun.  The guys that ran the store looked at him adoringly seeing their younger selves in his sweet and unfiltered enthusiasm.  And then we ran into two more people as we were leaving.  

There was a mother and son (80 and 50 respectively) and she shared that her son had just been through a tough divorce and he was heartbroken that he hadn't had any children.  Just then, her son pointed out a model train to mine, and my little friendly boy lifted his arms up to be held by this man.  He showed my son all around the store teaching him things along the way then came back to me.  The man said to me, "Thank you.  He was everything I needed today." 

I knew that my son was a gift to me.  It's even more incredible to watch him touch someone else's life.

Have you been reminded lately of the gift that is your child?  Tell me the story - I would love to hear it.

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