Friday, October 19, 2012

Poop and Pee

Hey, It's OK if...
You Talk about Poop and Pee all the Time.

Before you were a parent, did you have any idea how much you would talk about pee and poop?  I definitely didn't.  I never expected that I would be so in tune with another human being bowel movements or that I would want to discuss the color, texture and frequency of them with my husband on a regular basis.  My oldest has trouble going sometimes and so his poop or lack thereof is a regular topic at our house.  And yet, these last few days, we've had more than our share of poop and pee.

My oldest wears pull-ups to bed and he doesn't mind peeing in them but poop is "gross".  Huh.  Anyway, he started yelling for my husband at 6:30 AM.  "DADDY!!! DADDY!!!  I NEEEEEEEEEEEEED YOU!"  What does my husband find?  A pile of poop in the corner of his room.  I could hear my husband in the monitor asking why he wouldn't just go in the potty and he said, "Well, I really had to go."  He dutifully cleaned the carpet and came down to ask for ideas from me.

I suggested we put the training potty in there so he could get up and go in his room and not worry about going all the way to the bathroom.  So, this morning, at 6:30 AM we hear, "DADDY!!! DADDY!!!  I NEEEEEEEEEEEEED YOU!"  What does my husband find?  Poop in the potty and all over the floor.  We forgot about leaving some toilet paper for him so he decided the rug would do the trick.

This morning, he was put in timeout for some infraction and I happened to walk by while he was peeing all over the corner of the room because he, "really had to go."  It takes a lot to make me angry, but that kid and pushed a button with me.  I gave him a rag and some cleaning solution and watched as he took care of his own mess.  He put all the dirty stuff in the laundry and we moved on to lunch and nap.  I'm really really hoping I don't hear him say through the monitor, "MOMMY!!!  MOMMY!!  I NEEEEEEEEEEEED YOU!"  I don't think I can take any more poop and pee.

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