Monday, October 1, 2012

Hey, It's OK if...

You Choose to Play Instead of Clean

I read a tip from a very helpful mom blogger that told me how to keep my house "Mother-in-Law Ready" in 20 minutes a day or less. If any of you know my mother-in-law, you understand what a feat this would be.  The woman owns 6 vacuums and USES them!  Amazing.  Since my house looked like this this morning, I decided it was worth a shot.

She suggested doing the major stuff daily (vacuum main areas, wash down bathrooms and mop or Swiffer any hard surfaces).  I got my cleaning team ready by telling them we could play with the vacuum today (this is so rare that it causes a lot of excitement in my house) and we set to work.  We started putting away toys so that the vacuum and mop would actually be able to reach our floors.  This alone used up our 20 minutes.  

I didn't lose hope.  I pulled out the vacuum with my youngest on my hip and we started sucking up all the dog hair that seems to be all over my children's clothing all the time.  After running out of cord and plugging it back in six times while carrying 20 pounds of toddler, I finally finished vacuuming downstairs.  I checked the clock.  Forty minutes down the drain and it was time to make lunch.

As soon as lunch was served, my oldest accidentally knocked over his plate and crumbs once again covered my floor.  That's when I remembered why, for the most part, I choose to play instead of clean.

Is my house always "Mother-in-Law Ready"?  Nope.  But I don't think she really minds.  I know I would much rather use that time dancing in the living room with my boys to their favorite song or listening to my oldest make up adventures for his trains.  In the end, I think I'll be happier with that finished product.

Do you feel guilty when you choose play over housework? How do you manage to fit both into your day while staying sane?

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