Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hammer Pants

I was in a meeting today and somehow we began talking about Hammer pants.  Do you remember that awful trend?  Every one in my school had them...At least you did if you wanted to be really really cool.  I remembered that I wanted them so bad it hurt but I had a clothing budget and I was maxed out.  My parents gave us $600 on January 1st and we had to make it last all year long.  The Z Cavaricci Hammer pants (am I dating myself or what?!) were $100 and I couldn't spend that much on one pair of pants.  Mostly because I'd spent almost all of the said clothing budget by January 2nd.

My mom had a surprise up her sleeve, though.  She found this pattern at Joann's...

And she made me the whole outfit.  I had pants and a vest that would have made MC Hammer himself proud.  I wore that outfit at least once a week until the hammer pant trend was replaced by some other silly fad.  But I remember.  I remember that my mom didn't make fun of the silliness or say, "I can't believe you want to wear that!"  She made it for me with her own two hands.  

As you do things for your children, I hope you know that they will remember.  Maybe they won't remember every little thing, but you never know what will matter most to them.  Just keep doing, being there, listening to what is important to them.  Thanks, Mom, for always doing that for me.

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