Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Fun

I love the idea of crafts with kids but for some reason I rarely enjoy the process.  It can get so messy so fast and my kids only get into it for a few minutes max.  BUT my youngest has shown an interest in art so I have been dusting off the construction paper and getting back to it.  My mom gave me a Martha Stewart article with a bat mobile and it seemed shockingly easy (couldn't resist). I just needed a branch and some construction paper to make a fun Halloween decoration.   Here's the template if you'd like it.

We take a walk every morning so we went on a hunt for the perfect branch.  We found it and put it into a vase.  I cut out the bats for them and remembered a really cool thing I had seen on Pinterest - Edible Glitter! My youngest inevitably eats any art materials I give him so this seemed like a fun idea.  My oldest and I mixed together the sugar and food coloring and put it into the oven to bake for 10 minutes.  

We had some friends over and their daughter is very artistic.  I put her and my youngest to work.  The food coloring stained her fingers so her mom took off her shirt and she worked at decorating each bat.  My guy ate the sugar (as predicted) but also sprinkled some onto the bats.

Even though they were both blue and purple by the end of it, they had a wonderful time.  I loved watching their ideas come to life and having time to just sit and talk to them.  The finished product turned out well and my oldest keeps saying, "You did a great job making that tree, Mommy."  Glad he's proud.

What are your favorite resources for crafts with your kids?  How do you keep it simple but fun?

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