Monday, October 15, 2012

Great Grandpa

There is a guy at my church named Mark Adams.  He comes with his little grandson Nathan to watch the service and he rarely puts him into the nursery.  Most of the time he is snug in his lap listening to the music and the message.  His grandson is two and I have yet to see the little boy without a pair of drumsticks.   Each week, I see him and his grandson creep up to the front row while we sing the last song.  Nathan beats his drumsticks while he listens to us play.  After the service, Mark brings him up to play with each instrunment.  I just had to share some pictures of them...

I talked to Mark last week to meet him and let him know how sweet they are together.  He said that Nathan stays the night every Saturday night and then he takes him to church every Sunday.  He bought a drum set for Nathan to play when he comes over.   It's his favorite time of the week.

It warms my heart each time I see them together.  That child will never forget those Saturday night adventures nor his time on the drums with Grandpa.  I'm willing to bet it is his favorite time of the week, too.

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