Saturday, October 27, 2012

Get Nostalgic

My husband and I celebrated five years of marriage in August.  We follow the traditional anniversary gift schedule and the five year mark would be a gift made of wood.  I love giving presents and I can usually think of a hundred gift ideas without much work but this one stumped me.  Wood?  Really?  I argued with all of my own ideas.  Furniture didn't seem sentimental enough, a keepsake box would get lost in all of our other things and a wooden frame would be a repeat.  I hit up Etsy for some inspiration.

The artisans on that site are first class.  I have never been disappointed with the quality that these individuals put into their work.  This time, I scrolled through dozens and dozens of wooden objects waiting for that feeling that said, "YES!  THIS IS IT!"  And I found it.  There is a woman that has an Etsy Store called Vinyl Crafts and she makes signs that have all of your favorite sayings, names, peoples, memories or places using vinyl lettering on a wooden sign.  I had to come up with 20 words or sayings and it turned out to be a gift for me as well.

We are blessed that we seem to grow closer each year as we learn more and more about each other.    I just like him as a person; I like how he challenges me to be better and that he thinks I am one of the smartest people on Earth.  But he gets lost in the shuffle sometimes.  He tries to tell me about his day and one child or the other interrupts just as he is getting to the meat of it.  We try to talk after they are in bed but we are both nearing the zombie stage by then and find ourselves staring at the TV or a book.  It's easy to forget how we fell in love or why we love each other so much.  It's easy to take it for granted.

When I was challenged with listing out our inside jokes, the words that make me think of him, songs that mean something to us and dates that changed the course of our lives, I remembered.  My love for him came into focus and I remembered why I chose him and why I haven't ever regretted that choice.

We have hung it up in the entry way of our bedroom so that we can look at it every day and be reminded of the gift of our marriage and each other.  Even if you don't order a sign, why don't you try and make a list for him?  Think about your love story from then to now.  What were those moments that you laughed so hard you couldn't breathe?  Or the moments when you couldn't take your eyes (or your hands!) off of each other?  We need to remember.  It will make you, your marriage and your children secure and strong.

How do you remind yourself how much your significant other means to you?

P.S.  Becky at Vinyl Crafts is offering Perchable readers a 20% off discount on her signs through the end of November!  Just enter the discount code KATE20 at check out.

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