Saturday, October 20, 2012

From "I Want" to "I Want to Earn"

Playing with Brewster - Look how proud!
I wrote a few weeks ago about my son doing chores and saving his money towards the things that he wants.  (Here a link to the post if you'd like to see it).  He has been working away doing his jobs and is slowly but surely gaining a sense of pride in his workmanship.  I mentioned to his sitter today that he had some clothes to put away and I asked her to help him.  He interrupted and said, "Mommy, remember that I don't need any help?  I know how to put away my clothes all by myself!"  And he can.  He can also do a load of laundry start to finish (except folding) and he can read the clock to know when it's time for him to feed our dog.  But that's not what has impressed me the most.

He was watching Chuggington (did I mention he's a train addict?) and he said, "I want that guy!  I want Brewster!"  

My husband said to him, "Let's find out if you have earned enough to buy him."  

They dumped out his bank and counted all the money he had earned.  Ten dollars in quarters were waiting to be spent. They looked up the price of Brewster and he was nine dollars.  He had enough to buy him.

We ordered it online and as we looked at all the other Chuggington trains, my son said, "I would like to earn enough to get him next."  And then he said, "Oooh!  How much would I have to save to buy that one?"  Mission accomplished.

I never wanted to raise a child that expected things to be handed to him.  As hard as it is to watch dog food spill all over the floor on its way to our dog's bowl, I know that he is learning so much more than housework.  He's learning the value of hard work.  He feels the pride that comes from accomplishment.  Most of all, he's learning how much sweeter something is when it is earned. 

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