Thursday, October 25, 2012

Carrying Colin Update

I interviewed an incredible couple a few months ago and spotlighted the story, Carrying Colin under Perchable People.  Their son was diagnosed with Anencephaly at 11 weeks and they elected to carry him to term and and spread awareness about this fatal neural tube defect.  This family is incredible for so many reasons but I thought a Facebook follower summed it up well.  She writes, "You have no doubt been given the opportunity to accept the choices God has made for you, your husband and your precious son Colin. By you choosing to carry him full term, you are going to give life to others, and you have also been given the opportunity to bond with him. He is a soldier, a courageous soul. God bless you all and may you take in each and every moment and hold them dear to your heart, forever and ever. Thank you for sharing your story. I am truly moved."

I have followed their posts daily on Facebook and their blog and learned that Colin was born on October 24th, 2012 at 1:13 AM and went to be with God.  The loss hit me in the stomach even though I knew them only over the phone and through their blog entries.  I marveled at their ability to stay strong in their faith in the face of such difficult circumstances.  I cried over the loss of a child who was loved even before he was conceived.  And then I imagined this tiny little boy snuggled up with Jesus, looking into his eyes and knowing that he would be perfect and safe in his arms.

Today, I ask you to pray for the Perry family and all of those that have babies in heaven.  Hold them close to your heart as you ask God to ease their pain and surround them with love.  And then hug your babies and thank God for the gift of their lives.


  1. Do you know if he survived delivery? I have been following on FB but not sure how long he made it. I just hope they got to hold him one minute with life in his lil body.

  2. Dawn,
    I wish I knew but I don't. I hope the same thing for them, especially after reading Brian's prayers. I am still in awe of their grace in the midst of the most difficult a thing a parent could ever experience.


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