Monday, October 15, 2012

Are You Listening?

I really love to read.  Going to the library is like coming home.  I love the smells and the quiet but mostly I love the possibilities.   I could go anywhere!  Learn about anything!  I have done my best to make by boys feel at home there as well.  My oldest loves to read and sometimes will sit for hours as we read through our own library.  My youngest is not always so enthusiastic.

Even as a tiny baby he would slam books closed and writhe around in my arms any time a book was in sight.  I wouldn't stop reading, though, because I feel like books are a gateway to everything (told you I love to read).  I tried reading to him while he did his tummy time and all of a sudden, he listened.  Kind of.  He would play around with his toys on the floor glancing at the pages occasionally when something piqued his interest.  I tried reading to him while he sat in his high chair and that seemed to work a bit better but I still felt like he was only half paying attention.  I didn't realize just how much he was retaining until the other day.

My oldest tends to choose books that are long and involved and that is such a gift.  Until it isn't.  Like when you have a one year old wandering the house while you are trying to read and making sure he doesn't stick his head in the toilet (again) at the same time.  The other day I was trying to keep one eye on Horton Hatches an  Egg and another on the baby when I said the word, "egg."  My youngest stopped playing with blocks, looked at me and said, "egg!!!" with a huge smile on his face.

I realized then that even though he likes to be busy, he is listening to every word. He has his own way, and I am going to respect that.  I won't make him sit to read - I don't think that is how he learns.  I will embrace him for who he is and let him find his own path, even if it isn't the same as mine.

How do you encourage your children to follow their own learning styles?  Are their styles different than yours?

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