Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why Boys Need Dads

I was uploading pictures today and couldn't help but notice a theme.  My husband was doing something crazy with my sons in almost every picture I had taken.  I spend all day with my boys and we do plenty of fun things.  We swim, jump in mud puddles, read great books and build forts. But I can't say I would have thought about buying a motorized cooler to ride around the neighborhood.

Nor would I have anticipated that it would become part of our normal morning routine.

I wouldn't have made up a game of making crazy sounds in the shower just to hear the echo.

And I never would lift them seven feet in the air and feel okay with dropping them.

But my guys need this adventurous man in their life to teach them that they can handle anything life throws at them.  They test their strength when they wrestle, test their speed when they race and they get a lot of encouragement as they go.  He teaches them boundaries and gives them unconditional love.  I am so glad that my boys have a man like their dad to teach them everything they need to know about being a good man.
What kinds of things does your husband do with your kids?  How does he love and teach them differently than you do?

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