Friday, September 28, 2012

The Greatest Things about Siblings

Just a note to say what an awesome thing it is to have a sister.  I called her last night on my way to band practice (I sing with our church’s praise band) just to catch up.  She said, “Hey, the grandparents have the kids, our husbands are away – let’s get a six pack and hang out!”  

I have to be honest with you.  I am at home with two small children all day and the thought of a.) Staying up late and b.) Being even slightly hung over are both repulsive to me.  I sucked at staying up late even when I was 21 and living in a houseful of the most fun people I've ever known in my life.  My sister was one of those people and she is in tune with my late night aversion.  

I paused a second too long and she said, “C’mom…you gotta have a little spontaneity in your life.  Live a little!!”  

I hate when she’s right. “Fine.” I said, gearing myself up for a late night.

When I got home from practice, she was waiting on the lanai with a beer in hand. We talked about things that were bothering us, told "remember when" stories and shared our plans and ideas for the future.  We laughed so hard that we were wiping tears away. I hung in there until 12:15 when she said, "You're dying, aren't you?" to which I said, "Yes, but you are worth it. I needed this more than I knew."

So...Here are the greatest things about my sister:

-We have the best inside jokes
- She always tells me when I am being an idiot
- We wear the same size and still fight over clothes in our 30's
- She knows me and loves me for who I am
- And she pushes me to be more
- She can tell I am upset about something before I even realize it
- She is my first and best friend

This is so good for me to remember as I referee a thousand, "HE'S TRYING TO GET MY TRAIN!" and "GET HIM AWAY FROM MY STUFF!!!" Maybe, just maybe, those same little boys that fight over toys will grow up to be best friends.

What are the greatest things about your adult siblings?

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