Monday, September 24, 2012

Making Time for "The Other Grandparents"

Because we live in Florida, we are surrounded by retired people who really miss their grandchildren.  We are swarmed with grandmothers who tell us stories about their babies that are scattered all over the country each and every time we take them somewhere.  This time was no exception.  I brought my oldest to the grocery store last weekend and ran into a bit of unexpected good advice while I was there.

We were checking out and my son likes to help load the groceries onto the "conveyber belt", as he calls it.  The grandmother behind us told him he was a wonderful helper then asked his name.  She has a grandson with the same name that lives in Nashville.  Our conversation moved to her children and she shared that she has three sons all over the United States.  She said, "You know it's true what they say about a son needing to leave his mother for his wife.  It's right and it's worth it but it's really hard."  She asked me to remember to make just as much of an effort to share my kids' lives with my husband's parents as I do with my own, even though I have a very close relationship with my own parents.  She said it's so easy to leave them out but they love the grandchildren just as much.

I thanked her as earnestly as I could because I think she was sent to me for a reason.  I am a firm believer that God speaks to us through the people He puts in our path.  I am going to start using FaceTime, mailing pictures they draw and simply calling a little bit more.  They aren't just "the other grandparents".  He is the grandfather that will teach my sons everything they should know about the Yankees and big trucks. She is the grandmother that will teach them kindness to animals and how to make an incredible pot of "gravy" (spaghetti sauce for those of you that grew up in Ohio like I did).  Thank you, sweet grandmother at the grocery store for reminding me.

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