Saturday, September 22, 2012

Making the Most of Free Time

As a parent, most of your free time comes when the kids are in bed or with a sitter.  When I get a bit of time to myself, I am suddenly overwhelmed.  Do I go to a movie?  Read a book?  Call my sister? Sew?  Run errands?  Or the most alluring...Sleep?  I have a few hours to myself today and I asked a friend what she does when she gets a break.  As I listened, I knew she had it right.

After the kids go to bed, she turns the music on in her room as loud as she can and she dances.  She sings and dances like we all did when we were 8 year old girls without any inhibition.  She lets go of all the stress from her day and, for a few moments, she is free.  No stress, no responsibility, just music.

Even if dancing isn't your thing, we all have the need to express ourselves.  Maybe you write or sew or cook or run (God bless the runners - You have all my admiration).  Don't deny yourself that pleasure just because your life is filled with "have-to's".  If you make the time, you will be a better partner and parent.  Turn up the music and dance.

How do you re-energize when you have free time?

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