Tuesday, September 25, 2012

His Bucket List

My husband (P) and I are on the home leg of a month long trip out west.  It was a bucket list vacation for him and I was the dutiful wife.  I don’t even like the nature channels so the thought of 4 weeks of looking at geysers, rocks and wildlife sounded more like a chore to me.  But, I am a good wife and would want him to do the same for me, so I put on my fake smile and packed for every season  we would encounter and said good-bye to my children and grandchildren as though I would never see them again. I truly didn’t know what I would do without my family for that long or what they would do without ME.  

As you might have guessed P and I had a wonderful time, I was in awe of God’s majestic creations and fell in love with a buffalo who thought the road from the west entrance through Yellowstone had been paved for him.  I almost enlisted after going to Mount Rushmore.  I marveled at the tenacity of one man as I stared up at the monument to Crazy Horse.  And I couldn't keep my mouth shut as my eyes moved up the GRAND Tetons.

My grandsons did miss me. They cried enough in the videos their mothers sent so that I knew it.  I DID miss them and bought them something everywhere we stopped, to the point that poor P would glumly go to a hard bench and sit out the shopping experience. 

What I am really going to bring them is different than what I thought when I left.  I am bringing them a relaxed Granny, who is full of new stories and adventures that may inspire them.  I am bringing home a Papa who has had one of his dreams come true.  More important than all of that, I am bring home grandparents who had 30 solid days together and found out they still had things to talk about and a great love to share.

Do you fret when you leave your grandchildren?  Do you sometimes feel that your marriage has become “been there, done that”.  What have you done about it?

Love, Granny

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